Anal Shower

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Anal douche for splendid anal splash-pleasure!
With this syringe you can suck in liquid and pump it into your anus…
Valve with 21 cm long tube and 12 cm long canula


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You 2 Toys Anal douche is a complete enema system designed to feed the liquid for the enema from any type of container.  Squeeze the pump and the one way flow valve pulls the liquid in with every squeeze, which in turn flushes the liquid in upon release.  Repeated sqeezing of the ball pump allows the liquid to be continuously pumped in and out.  This product can be used either in the vagina or anus and has a squirt and douche attachment

Feed with liquid and squirt simultaniously.

Hose length 48cm, douche 12cm length, approx 1cm long, syringe length 6cm, material latex.


Sale due to slightly damaged box