Manbound Neck & Wrist Restraints


Put him in his place – in front or behind. Put the adjustable strap round their neck and cuff them up. Red stitching makes it classy and the strong binding and hook and loops make it durable. Adjustable neck makes it comfortable and fits most. Can be worn with hands or ankles, in front or in back. Nine loops provided for your own creative hook ups!

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Sturdy, Manbound cuffs and neck collar ensure a comfortable fit-though we cannot guarentee comfort will be the chief priority of the man doing the actual cuffing. (Wicked grin).

*Nine sturdy D-rings allow for multiple hand ( or foot) positioning.(Depending on the flexibility).

*The neck and wrist restraint can be worn down the back, or in the front, draped down the subject’s chest.

*The neck and wrist restraint is lightwieght enough to be worn in public beneath one’s clothing-assuming one is inclined to enjoy such activities.