Mini Rabbit Vibe


A compact vibe with a contoured shape and clit bunny. One perfect speed with a flip off a switch

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A best seller for many years, the Mini Rabbit Blue is a great vibrator the delivers the same fun that its bigger brother does. In a more compact design, the Mini Rabbit vibe has all the important features needed to get you off! It’s not all about the size! It has a smooth silicone shaft that’s perfect for gliding against your body as well as rubbing against and penetrating your vagina. It also comes with a well shaped head with a cute smiley face and side bunny stimulator to complete. Small enough to fit in your bag, this discreet vibrator makes a great addition to your collection for quick and satisfying sessions. The shaft is decorated with pretty ribbed flower designs that aid to yet more satisfaction as it caresses you as you penetrate and play. With the use with the right lubricant the Mini Rabbit can go a long way. Whether you’re in the mood to just tease yourself or work your clitoris and satisfy the burning urge within your vagina, this vibe is more than capable. Simply crank the turn dial base to what you desire!