E-Stim Remote Electo- Stimulation Power Pack ** FREE ELECTRO GEL WORTH £8.99 WITH ORDER **


If you are looking for a way to control your subject from a distance, then the E-Stim Series 1 Remote could solve all your problems. With a simple keyfob transmitter, and a powerful E-Stim receiver, the Series 1 Remote gives remote control electroplay a new flavour.

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Are you looking for a way to control your subject from a distance?

The E-Stim Series 1 Remote could be the prefect solution. With a simple key fob transmitter and a powerful E-Stim receiver, the Series 1 Remote gives electro play a new flavour.
The E-Stim Remote Power Box has a range of up to 50 metres (depending on environmental conditions) and a dual microprocessor control system offering simple and powerful remote controlled electro stimulation at a reasonable price.

Built in Motion Sensor
The First E-Stim Remote unit with a built in MOTION sensor.

With 5 different control modes – Fire, Pulse, Continuous, Training and the fantastic Motion Sensor everything is easily controllable from the simple keyfob transmitter. You can even control the subtle nuances of the output (pulse speed/pulse width) directly from the keyfob.

With the worlds first E-Stim motion sensor that ensures that the slightest movement of your subject can be ‘punished’. And if you get bored waiting for them to move the fire button can override the motion sensor and have them jumping all over The E-stim Remote Power Box features an exclusive training mode which alters the three buttons on the keyfob to provide 3 levels of power… 33% 66% and 100%. what can we say but OUCH!!!!
Each power box can be controlled by several remotes or set up your remote to control more than one power box at the same time, giving you the option of group play… or torture.

The output is digitally controlled over 21 levels easily selectable from the keyfob transmitter. With auto zero and over range indicators you can ensure you are in control at all times.

The high quality microprocessor controlled voltage generator mean that batteries last longer and with a digitally generated pulse system you can ensure that the power is directed exactly where it is most effective.

With built in current limiting, soft start controls and Bi Phasic AC output you can ensure that our E-Stim Series 1 Remote is designed with your safety in mind.


  • Key fob transmitter
  • Motion sensor
  • 50 metre range
  • Belt Clip
  • Ability to link multiple receivers and transmitters
  • Custom made storage case
  • Lifetime Guarantee for Power Unit
  • Made in the UK


  • 5 Program Modes
  • 21 Intensity Levels
  • Unique Training Mode
  • Built in Motion Sensor
  • Belt Clip
  • Range of up to 150ft
  • Lifetime Guarantee