Which type of lube is the best option for you? Water, Oil or Silicone based?

It is obvious that these lubes are not the same thing but when should you use which? And what for?

Water based and water-soluble lubricants are the most popular personal lubricants. A good rule to adhere to is that water-based products should be used with adult toys, latex and other sexual aids, this is because water-based products wont harm these materials, they are easy to clean up once you are finished and they help to keep your products safe and sanitary.

Water based lubricants are much lighter that other types. They are easy to wash off and non-sticky which makes them perfect if you have sensitive skin. We have a wide range of water-based lubricants from Durex Play Massage Sensual 2in1 to our most popular Liquid Silk with Pump.

Silicone lubricants have a different texture to other lubricants. They are significantly thicker and stay on the skins surface for much longer than water-based lubricants which makes them perfect for intimate moments in the shower or bath. However, they can be known to stain delicate fabrics and they need more of a clean-up that water-based lubes. Mild soap and water should work perfectly. You shouldn’t use silicone toys with this style of lubricant as it can cause some damage.Our most popular Silicone based lubricant is our Swiss Silicone Premium Lubricant which is long lasting and silky smooth.

Hybrid lubricant is a mixture between water based and silicone. Together they create the long lasting effects of silicone an the natural feeling from water based so that you can have the best experience, although, it can put some wear and tear on you silicone toys, so avoid using them together.

Oil based lubricants are most commonly used to give massages however, they should not be used when with condoms as they can make the latex porous, or potentially cause them to tear. This means that oil-based lubes are more useful for those who do not need the use of condoms. They can also be difficult to clean off of skin and toys so you must be prepared for the extra clean-up afterwards.

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